Google Introduces A New JPEG Coding Library ‘Jpegli’


Google has introduced an advanced JPEG coding library called Jpegli. It promises to improve image compression while retaining quality. Jpegli is designed to be faster, more visually pleasing, and more efficient. Google boasts that Jpegli can compress images 35% more than JPEG codecs.

Jpegli uses several techniques to reduce noise and offer better image quality. All the methods are made to use the traditional 8-bit JPEG formalism. The encoder and decoder comply with the original JPEG standard. So, Jpegli images are compatible with all JPEG image viewers and software.

Jpegli uses adaptive quantization heuristics that are borrowed from JPEG XL. This technique reduces noise and improves overall image quality. It also uses an improved Matrix selection to result in higher-quality encoded images. The XYB colorspace from JPEG XL is used to further enhance image quality and compression density.

When images are compressed and decompressed, it performs several computations to make images look clearer. Jpegli promises better image quality/compression density ratio.

Google claims that websites can use Jpegli images to save bandwidth and storage space. It will also speed up web pages. Jpegli will be important for web developers to accelerate web performance and enhance user experience.

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