Google Chrome Introduces AI Writing Tool Powered by Gemini

Google Chrome introduces a new built-in AI writing tool powered by Gemini, Google’s advanced AI model. The feature is based on Google’s existing “Help me write” feature of Gmail. But Google has extended it for Chrome. This AI writing tool can write new content or rewrite existing text.

To enable this feature, you need to navigate to the Chrome settings menu and locate the “Experimental AI” page. Here, you will see Enable the writing feature along with other experimental features like Google’s automatic tab organizer and the new Chrome theme manager.

Once enabled, you can go to any website and right-click on the open text field. If you want to rewrite the existing text, select the text then right-click. Now enter the prompt in the ‘Help me write’ box.

If you don’t like the generated content, you can use the retry button to regenerate content. There is also an edit button to change your prompt.

Google has confirmed that the feature is only available in English on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For now, the feature is only available for people in the US who are at least 18 years old.

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