Tinder to remove social handles from bios


Tinder has updated its community guidelines to keep the dating app safe and discourage the promotion of other social media platforms. The company will remove social handles from bios. It will also discourage users from posting their private conversations on other platforms.

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Tinder says that its platform is not a place for promoting social channels. So, it will remove social handles added to bios and profiles. Several users post their Instagram handle and ask users to follow them on Instagram for further conversation. A lot of people also promote their business on Tinder.

“Tinder is not a place to promote businesses to try making money,” the company said in a press release. “Members shouldn’t advertise, promote, or share social handles or links to gain followers, sell things, fundraise, or campaign. To help combat this, Tinder will remove social handles from public bios.”

Tinder also asks users not to post private chats with their matches without consent. The updated policy about sharing chats has been added after several Tinder chats became popular on other social media platforms.

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It is unclear how Twitter plans to remove social handles from bios or prevent people from sharing chats. The company asks users to report profiles that are violating the rule.

The company made it clear that a Tinder account should be used for a single person. Tinder accounts shouldn’t be used in poly and open relationships. Couples shouldn’t use a single account to find a partner.

Tinder also suggests users be honest on the platform and not create fake profiles or use fake photos.

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