Samsung announces super-fast GDDR6W memory

GDDR6W memory

Samsung has announced a new high-bandwidth GDDR6W RAM. GDDR6W is built on the existing GDDR6 platform and employs Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging to increase memory bandwidth and capacity. Samsung promise that GDDR6W memory will empower more realistic metaverse experiences. The company says it is the industry’s first next-generation graphics DRAM technology.

Fan-Out Wafer-Level (FOWLP) double mounts memory die on a silicon wafer to enable finer wiring. Since the memory doesn’t use PCB, it reduces the thickness of the overall package and improves heat dissipation. GDDR6W memory is 36% slimmer than GDDR6. Samsung says that GDDR6W has twice the I/O and also doubles capacity from 16Gb to 32Gb per chip. Even though there’s an increase in I/O and bandwidth, the memory has the same thermal properties as DDR6.

GDDR6W memory

The company claims that GDDR6W memory will play a key role in hyper-real gaming and digital twin. 8K resolution and ray tracing require good bandwidth and GDDR6W will surely help here. This memory will also help in VR and AR tech.

Samsung says it will soon introduce GDDR6W in devices such as notebooks. The company is also working with partners to include memory in partners to include it in AI accelerators.

It will be interesting to see if AMD and Nvidia takes interest in GDDR6W memory. These companies are already manufacturing their current boards with GDDR6/X designs.

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