TikTok launches avatars to compete against Snapchat’s Bitmoji

TikTok has just launched a new feature that lets users create a custom animated avatar similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji, Apple’s Memoji, and Meta’s Avatars. The feature is being launched globally starting today. Users should use the avatar effect to access the feature.

When you are creating an avatar on TikTok, you can select from a template and then edit the avatars by selecting things like face style, hairstyles, accessories, and more. The company claims that the feature is inclusive and includes everything from outfits to skin tones.

TikTok app also lets users try voice effects to give their avatars a new voice by selecting from different voice styles and speaking into the microphone. You can also add your avatars to your videos. There are also different expressions displayed on the screen for adding them to your avatar.

TikTok avatars

The company has confirmed that it will keep working on improving avatars for a better user experience.

TikTok’s avatars are similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji which has been in existence since 2016. Meta also has avatars that can be used on both Facebook and Instagram. Apple also lets users create Bitmoji. So, TikTok’s avatar is not a new concept but is similar to what already exists in several other apps. But TikTok wants users to give a new way to create content on the app. People who do not want to show their faces can use avatars in the video for creating content.

TikTok is now rolling out avatars globally to all users.

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