Oppo unveils a concept phone OPPO X 2021 with a rollable display

OPPO X 2021

At OPPO INNO DAY 2020, Oppo unveiled a concept phone with a rollable OLED display. The company calls it OPPO X 2021. The phone has a 6.7-inches display that can be expanded to 7.4-inches converting the phone from a smartphone to a tablet.

The powertrain includes two motors to produce a constant force for the display rolling of the phone. The company has also taken care to keep the display safe in the rolling process. It also gives you the freedom to unroll the display as much as you want.

Oppo also claims that this rolling process leaves no kink or crease on the display as we see with foldables. This rollable design is made possible by using several technologies including Two in One Plate and Warp Track.

Oppo applied for 122 patents to make this phone possible. 12 of these patents are for the scroll mechanism alone.

There were no works for the screen specs or durability. We also do not know other specs of the phone.

TCL and LG have also been teasing the idea of an extendable display of smartphones for some time. LG has also launched rollable OLED TV a month ago. Now we have a working prototype for a rollable smartphone.

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