Microsoft’s Xbox Series S gaming console leaked

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S


While we are waiting for Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console, a new leak has confirmed a cheaper Xbox gaming console called ‘Xbox Series S.’ The leaked photo also confirms the $299 price tag.

A few hours into the leak, Microsoft officially confirmed the existence of this gaming console. Microsoft says that the Series S will offer “next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.”

If you look closely at the design, especially the Xbox logo, it seems the gaming console will be used in a traditionally horizontal configuration. The de ice will also lack the disc drive. That’s why it is compact and thin.

Xbox Series S gaming console is designed to play games smaller games that need less GPU and run on the lower resolution. This will also be an interesting buy for those who want to play casual games on a gaming console but do not want to spend huge on it.

Windows Central also claims that both the Series X and Series S gaming consoles will launch on November 10.

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