India’s ruling party used Deepfakes in Delhi Election Campaigning

BJP Deepfakes Marketing
BJP Deepfakes Marketing

AI-generated deepfake videos are notorious because they have been used in porn several times. We all knew that deepfakes will soon become a problem because they make fake videos of a real person and videos look real. It is really hard for an ordinary person to identify if the video is fake.

Now we have seen the use of Deepfake videos first time in politics. India’s ruling party, Bharatiya Janata Party, has used the deepfake in Delhi Election campaigns. On February 7, the party released several similar videos where Delhi BJP President Manoj Tiwari can be seen criticizing the Delhi government of Arvind Kejriwal.

To our surprise, the videos were released with the same content but in several languages including English, Hindi, and Haryanvi. Only one video was real but other videos were made using deepfakes.

For this kind of marketing, Delhi BJP IT Cell partnered with The Ideaz Factory, a political communications firm. This firm made deepfakes to reach different linguistic voter bases for positive campaigns for their client. This marked the debut of deepfakes in election campaigns. Now we can expect the adoption of deepfakes widely across the globe.

The use of technology to reach potential customers is fine, but this will also make fact-checking hard. Political parties can make deepfake of opponents in wrong way and we know how fast social media is in spreading fake news. By the time there will be a clarification on the video, it could reach millions of maligning the image of the person. Imagine a video of Modi making hate speech against Muslims. People will easily believe he did that

Deepfake came into existence back 2017 and so far the technology has been used to make fake porn videos using existing celebrity video footage and AI algorithms. There are several tools that help in making deepfakes without many efforts.

If Deepfake gains popularity, it will be really hard to use what we are seeing in a video. The majority of the Indian population still finds it hard to differentiate between fake news and true news. Most of the times people don’t accept that their shared piece was actually fake. In a country where people fight a lot talking about their favorite politician, Feepfake will surely make trouble.


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