Tesla cars will soon stream YouTube and Netflix

Tesla YouTube
Tesla YouTube

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla’s elects cars will soon stream YouTube and Netflix on cars’ displays. Before you think about safety while driving, you should know that the streaming will only be available when the car is stopped.

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Tesla cars come with a big screen. For example, the Tesla Model S has a screen bigger than most tablets people use. So, it has a perfect display for watching videos and playing games.

Tesla drivers can already play games but it requires the car to be parked. Tesla Arcade now has several games and recently the company has started rolling out chess. Now they have another thing for entertainment

This feature may also be expanded for a self-driving scenario. Think about your car is running automatically while you are watching your favorite videos. But the company will have to think about safety in every case. This feature will also need regulatory approval for giving content on moving car. So, this is not coming any time soon.

Tesla has already postponed India launch and we have no idea when it will be coming to India. So, this news is not exciting for Indian people at all.