OnePlus 7 Pro to come with HDR10+ Display and UFS 3.0 storage

OnePlus 7 Series
OnePlus 7 Series

Like always, OnePlus is revealing key specs one by one before the launch to keep getting media coverage. We already know that OnePlus 7 Pro will have an awesome display that also got an A+ rating from DisplayMate. Now the company has confirmed that the display is also HDR10+ certified. It means users will get more dynamic, detailed and vivid viewing experience.

OnePlus has also patterned with popular video streaming websites like YouTube and Netflix for enabling HDR10 videos on the phone.

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau, has also confirmed that OnePlus 7 series will also include UFS 3.0 that delivers 2,100 MB/s speed. It means faster load time, photo capture and improved boot time. So the upcoming OnePlus 7 phones will be faster than other Snapdragon 855 phones due to faster read/write.

OnePlus has also recently confirmed that OnePlus 7 Pro will be daily water resistance but the company has not gone for IP ratings to keep the price low. IP certification adds cost to each unit.

OnePlus 7 series will be launched officially on May 14th at 8:15 PM IST. The company will be launching the phone in a grand event hosted at Bangaluru. Those who cannot make to the launch event can watch the event live on social media channels of OnePlus.