48 MP cameras of Redmi Note 7S and Redmi Note 7 Pro are different

Redmi Note 7 Pro Review
Redmi Note 7 Pro Review

Yesterday, Xiaomi announced a new smartphone Redmi Note 7S in the Indian market. This is the Redmi Note 7 that the company launched in China. In India, Xiaomi changed the camera setup of Redmi Note 7 but now it has launched the same phone like Redmi Note 7S. Along with Redmi Note 7, Xiaomi also launched Redmi Note 7 Pro with 48 megapixels in India. Now when Redmi Note 7S is also coming with 48 megapixels camera, it is important to talk about both 48 megapixels cameras.

While you may assume that both 48 megapixels cameras are the same, but they are not. Redmi Note 7 Pro comes with Sony’s IMX586 sensor while the Redmi Note 7S features Samsung’s GM1. Both the sensors are not the same and they have a different mechanism of producing 48 megapixels images. So, the end result will also be different.

Samsung ISOCELL GM1 sensor is basically a 12-megapixel shooter that produces images having 4,000 x 3,000 resolution. It uses the classic Bayer array, which is a 2 x 2 grid to capture the data. Then it uses software and pixel interpolation to theoretically come up with a 48 megapixels resolution image.

Sony IMX586 used in Redmi Note 7 Pro is a true 48-megapixel sensor that can capture images in 48 megapixels. It uses a quad-Bayer array of 4 x 4 grid. So, it is producing an actual 48 megapixels photos. The output images also come with a resolution of 6,000 x 4,000 pixels.

That means Sony IMX586 sensor will capture sharper images with better details. Redmi Note 7S has 48 megapixels camera but don’t expect same results as in Redmi Note 7 Pro. But this camera is still good and you won’t feel much difference in daylight. Samsung GM1 is priced lower than the IMX 586 sensor present in Note 7 Pro. Redmi Note 7S is also cheaper hence we know that Xiaomi used the cheaper sensor for keeping the price low.

In Samsung ISOCELL GM1 vs Sony IMX586 war, Sony IMX586 is the winner. But you should still consider the actual camera performance. It is because software processing plays an equally important role as the camera hardware. We tested Redmi Note 7 Pro’s 48 megapixels camera. Here is the camera review.

If you are interested in camera review of Redmi Note 7S, you should let me know in the comments.


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