New AirPods vs old AirPods: Should you upgrade?


Yesterday, Apple launched the second generation AirPods that comes with a notable upgrade over the previous ten AirPods. Even if both look the same, there are many differences. In this article, I will tell you what remains the same and what has been improved.

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Apple’s new AirPods look exactly similar to the previous models. Both the models come in white and have same Marmite look. You cannot differentiate if you see both together.


This time, Apple has used a new Chip that the company calls H1. In previous gen AirPods, Apple used W1 chip. New H1 Chip offers several benefits over the previous gen model including faster and more stable connection. Apple claims that the connection to iPhone or iPad is now 1.5 times faster. Switching between active devices is now twice as fast.

H1 chip also delivers up to 30 percent lower latency that makes you will not experience few delays between on screen events and their audio.


In first generation AirPods, you will have to double tap the earbuds for talking to Siri. Now you can simply say “Hey Siri” for giving Siri a voice command. That makes Siri easily accessible and more convenient. Even if you hands are busy, you can give voice commands to Siri.

Battery life

The new H1 Chip also improves the battery life of new AirPods. Now the new AirPods offer 50% more talk time. That means, you now have three hours of talk time per charge as compared to two hours in the first generation of AirPods.

Should You Upgrade?

The Wireless charging case is compatible with the previous generation AirPods. If you just need that, you can buy it separately. The advantaged of buying the new AirPods is the Hey Siri control, extra talk time and faster connection. If battery life is more important for you, you can upgrade.

I am personally not convinced why should one upgrade. I was personally expecting improvements in its sound quality. Battery life is still not convincing even after the upgrade.