Researchers developed a Fibre Cable Offering 1 Petabit/Second Transfer Speed

Fiber Optics

Multiple teams of researchers came together and have successfully developed a Fibre Cable that can offer up to one Petabit per second data transfer speed. It is 12 million times quicker than the fastest NBN connection.

Researchers from Hokkaido University developed fiber using tools from equipment maker Fujikura while the transmission system was developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan. The project was headed by the team from Macquarie University in Australia. All researchers from different sectors worked together to achieve such a high-speed data transfer.

The newly developed four-core, three-mode fibre is of the same width as existing standard fibre but can now offer 12 times the data speed. This fibre is also less prone to damage and can also be used with existing equipment.

“The fibre has applications in transmitting data between data centres, metropolitan networks, or undersea communications cables, with the ability to smoothly accommodate traffic for big data and 5G services.”

For those who do not know, 1 Petabit is equal to 1048576 Gigabit or 1073741824 Megabit. Now assume how fast the 1 Petabit would be.


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