iPhone XS Max couldn’t beat Huawei P20 Pro in DxOMark camera score

iPhone XS
iPhone XS

When Apple launched iPhone XS Max, the company talked a lot about the camera. But the camera of the phone couldn’t beat the camera of Huawei P20 Pro. That is what DxOMark’s testing reveals.

DxOMark has tested Apple’s latest iPhone model and gave it the score of 105. It fell short of P20 Pro’s 109 DxOMark score. Apple iPhone XS Max scored 110 in Photos and 96 in videos while P20 pro got 114 for photos and 98 for videos. So the iPhone XS Max the second best smartphone camera as per DxOMark’s ranking.

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DxOMark review revealed that iPhone XS Max’s camera fell short in Zoom and lowlight shots. In case of iPhone XS Max, Flash images were often underexposed and noticeable Luminance noise in low light. Still, Apple iPhone XS Max comes with one of the best mobile cameras with good performance in both photos and videos. The camera captures well in bright light with wide dynamic range and good detail. Autofocus and image stabilization work well.

You can read the full camera review of iPhone XS Max on DxOMark to know more in details.

Now after DxOMark score of iPhone XS Max, we are eagerly waiting for iPixel 3 that might beat P20 Pro in DxOMark rankings. Pixel 2 scored 98, so Pixel 3 will surely score in three digits this year. Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 9 and HTC U12+ both scored 103 to be third best camera phones.


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