‘Airplane’ Reaction Appeared in Some Facebook Posts; But it was a mistake

AirPlane Emoji Reaction
AirPlane Emoji Reaction

Tuesday was a funday for many Facebook users using an Android phone. Many Android users got a new plane emoji to react to posts on Facebook. I am sure you may have also seen this reaction on several posts in your newsfeed.

If you also want to use this, you need to update your Facebook app and then clear out your app cache.

many people started using it randomly. Few even suggested the possible use case of it. If you are wondering what is the use of this emoji and where should you use it, you will be disappointed to know the actual meaning of it. The company says that the airplane reaction has no actual meaning and it is just a bug. This was created a part of an employee hackathon and was not for going live. So, this could be taken down soon.

Not just Airplane, few people even claimed to see the Fire react Emoji. But I just saw an screenshot on Reddit.

Fire Reaction

It is not clear how long this Airplane reaction will remain available. As Facebook confirmed that the appearance of new emoji was a a bug, it will be taken down soon. But the way it became popular, Facebook could consider making it live.