Facebook launches ‘Memories,’ a dedicated page to remind you of good days

facebook memories
facebook memories

Today, Facebook announced a new page ‘Memories’ where it will show you the content from older days. It is similar to “On This Day” feature that you see on your news feed. ‘Memories’ is the expansion of that feature in broad manner.

The content found on Memories page will be old content you shared on Facebook in past. Not just content, it will also show you the friends on you made on the day. You will also see special videos and collages to celebrate your friendship.

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Not just memories of the day, but it will also show you other memories that you may find interesting.

Facebook claims that Memories section will only feature the good memories. It uses a deep algorithm to detect potentially negative memories and stop it from shows in ‘Memories’ section.

Facebook first introduced memory recaps over a year ago to encourage more personal sharing. People like to remember old good days. So, it resulted in more posts and engagement.

Memories are available through the Memories bookmark on the left of the News Feed on the desktop. If you are on mobile app, you can find it on the “more” tab in the bottom right of the mobile app.

You can check your Memories here: Facebook.com/memories.