Launches Builder, A Platform For Ordering A Customised Software Product


Today, has launched its platform Builder in India with an aim to make software development as easy as ordering a Pizza. Builder is the platform where any business or person can go and order a software or app.

Builder uses AI to suggest pricing and deciding what platform is suitable for development. The platform adopts the assembly-line app for building products.

If you have an idea, go and create an account on Builder. You can recommend features or add your own. Select what kind of app or software you want and then select the features you want to add in the app or software. The AI will create a build ca with maximum price and estimated delivery date. If you want speedy delivery, charges will increase.

The platform users crowd-sourced global team for the development of your software. It also hosts and upgrade your product to ensure ongoing functionality.

While you can always hire a company of freelancer for working on your idea, Builder has an advantage. They use the proper software development approach unlike freelancers who just deliver product without proper documentation. With Builder, you will get high quality code and reliable service.

The good thing is that you own the code and you always take your code along with documentation if you no longer want to use Builder for further development.



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