Chrome’s next version to block autoplay videos with sound

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Google has finally decided to take serious action against websites that show annoying autoplay videos. The next version of Chrome (version 66) will automatically block autoplay videos with sound.

Google has made it clear that the auto-play videos will only be shown it the sound isn’t playing by default. But there are few conditions as well. The browser will play autoplay videos with sound if you click and interact with the website or you have previously “shown an interest in media on the site.”

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I am not sure why these conditions. There should be just a single option for users to click and watch or click to enable sound. Even if Google is automatically blocking videos with sound, the other conditions should not have been there.

Google has now added this change in the beta channels of Chrome before making it live in stable version scheduled for next month. It is worth to note that the change was meant to come with the Chrome v64 but Google detailed this option and now it is ready to come.

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The change will reduce the unexpected video playbacks to save you from awkward moments. If you are a webmaster having a website with video ads with sound on, you should mute the audio of it before Chrome v66 rolls out.


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