Vivo Apex is a concept phone with 98% screen-to-body ratio

Vivo Apex
Vivo Apex


In January, Vivo surprised us with its smartphone having an under-display fingerprint sensor. Now the company has taken it to a new level with its concept phone Vivo Apex. This phone shows how a true bezel-less phone looks.

Vivo Apex pushes the FullView design to reduce the bezels even more and managed to achieve the 98% screen-to-body ratio. The top and side bezels around the display measure only 1.8mm. The bottom bezel is just 4.3mm thick.

This phone also has in-display fingerprint scanning technology at the lower half of the display. You can put your finger anywhere in the bottom half of the display to read the print.

The phone uses Vivo’s flexible OLED platform that enables microchips to be mounted directly to the flexible circuit board. So, the company managed to save space to make the phone as thin as possible.

The company has also created Screen SoundCasting Technology that turns the APEX display into a speaker. It sends vibrations through the screen. This new tech also uses less power than traditional audio methods. The company claims that the tech offers better experience while listening to audio.It uses new System in Package (SIP) technology to offer better quality Hi-Fi audio experience.

Vivo also integrated the DAC and the three amplifiers together inside the body of the phone.

The front cameras also within the body of the phone that actually elevates out of the phone’s body when it is in use. It is fast and just takes 0.8 second to elevate from the body.

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This is a purely concept phone and the company says it has no plans to release an actual product in this particular form. But the phone really impresses as the concept phone works flawless.

The phone brings innovation to a new level. Its Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning, Optimal Hi-Fi Quality and Screen SoundCasting Technology make this phone unique. I hope to see this concept in a real product soon.

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