Apple Raises iPhone and Watch Prices in India

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Last week, Indian government had announced the hike in custom duties on imported phones. As a result of that, Apple has announced the price hike for its iPhone devices in India.

The low-cost iPhone SE is being manufactured locally, so it won’t be affected by this alteration. But other iPhone models saw the surge of roughly Rs 2,000 or 3% depending on the current price.

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Here is the list of old and current prices of iPhone models in India.

Model Old MRP (INR) New MRP (INR)
iPhone 6 32 GB 30,780 31,900
 iPhone 6s 32 GB  41,550  42,900
 iPhone 6s 128 GB  50,660 52,100
 iPhone 6s+ 32 GB 50,740  52,240
 iPhone 7 32 GB  50,810  52,370
 iPhone 7 128GB  59,910  61560
 iPhone 7+ 32GB  61,060  62,840
 iPhone 7+ 128GB  70,180  72,060
 iPhone 8 64GB  66,120  67,940
 iPhone 8 256GB  79,420  81,500
 iPhone 8+ 64GB  75,450  77,560
 iPhone 8+ 256GB  88,750  91,110
 iPhone X 64GB  92,430  95,390
 iPhone X 256GB  105,720  108,930

This change in custom duty is for all electronics products. So, not just Apple iPhone but Apple Watch prices have also been changed.

Here is the list of old and current prices of Apple watch models in India.

Model Old MRP (INR) New MRP (INR)
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38 MM 29990 32,380
Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42 MM  31,990 34410

Indian government has increased the basic customs duty on all mobile phones from 15% to 20%. So most of the imported phones will see hike in price.It is also worth to note that the government had already increased the duty to 15% from 10% last year in December. Indian government wants to push the locally manufactured devices with this move. I am not sure if companies will go with local manufacturing in place of importing products.


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