Google Chrome to block annoying ads from February 15


A few months back, we reported that Chrome will get its native ad blocker next year. Now the new report confirmed that the Adblocker on Chrome will become official on February 15th, 2018 and will support all platforms.

This ad blocker will be in line with the Coalition for Better Ads guidelines for improving online ads.

Chrome Ad blocker will not block all ads, but those that are annoying and not following the Better Ads guidelines. Chrome will remove all ads from sites that have a “failing” status in the Ad Experience Report for more than 30 days. But website owners can always submit a reconsideration request after fixing the violations.

Pop-up ads, ads with a density greater than 30%, flashing animated ads, auto-play video ads with sound, prestitial ads and full-screen scroll over ads and large sticky ads will be blocked. If you are using any of these kinds of ads, you need to fix it before Chrome starts blocking ads on your website.

Ad blocking has already hit a lot of web publishers. There are lots of people who want quick money and starts filling their websites with ads. Banner ads are fine but Pop-up ads on each click irritate people a lot. This made the adoption of ad blocker faster and most of the browsers have now come with ad blocking option. After the Chrome’s native ad blocking, publishers will surely get another hit to their earnings.

It is good that Google already has a guideline for fair ads and will not block ads that follow the guideline. So publishers who are genuinely showing ads without affecting user experience should take a breath of relief.


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