New Leaks Confirm Upcoming OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T

When it was first reported about OnePlus 5T, I ignored. It was because OnePlus released OnePlus 3T as it wanted to skip OnePlus 4. But recent leaks have forced me to look into it seriously. It seems OnePlus is working on OnePlus 5T and it wants to upgrade the device with FullView display.

The current OnePlus 5 is out of stock and it looks like OnePlus is now close to launch the next successor of its smartphones. Several different reports are also talking about a similar design.

A Twitter user also published screenshots of OnePlus 5T listing on OnePlus official website with quotes “Large Screen, Same Footprint“. While the specs were not there, it also showed the same design we found on other reports.

As per the recent leaks, the OnePlus 5T will come with a 6-inch 18:9 screen but with dimension similar to current model. The phone also pushes resolution to 1,080 x 2,160px but with same pixel density. It will have very thin bezels on sides and lesser space on top and bottom side.

Due the FullView display, OnePlus has relocated the fingerprint sensor and now it will be on the back.

It seems the company wants to refresh the OnePlus 5 to offer the recent FullView display trend. I am not expecting any other change. The OnePlus 3T was also a small upgrade to give Slightly better experience.

For now, we have only these details. I am digging more to know about OnePlus 5T and its possibility. With recent leaks, I think the phone is in works. So, we can expect more leaks and rumours in coming days.

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