Delhi Metro Gets Free Wifi Across All 50 Stations on Blue Line

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Delhi people have a reason to rejoice. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has launched free WiFi service across all 50 stations on the Blue Line of Delhi Metro.

From Dwarka (Dwarka Sector 21) on one side to Noida (Noida City Centre) & Vaishali on the other, this metro route is most populated and longest. This route now has a high-speed connection. People traveling on Blue line metro will see “Oui DMRC Free Wi-Fi” network on their devices.

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For using this free wifi service, users will have to register using a mobile phone and verify their number with instant OTP based verification.

This facility uses T-Track 2.0 Wave 2 Solution” that is being used on high-speed trains worldwide. For launching this free WiFi service, DMRC has partnered with a consortium led by M/s Techno Sat Comm. This is the same company that launched free Wifi on Airport Express line last year. This company also provides free wifi on Delhi-Howrah Rajdhani Express.

DMRC has already confirmed to launch the free Wifi service across the Yellow line metro in next 6-9 months.

It is worth to note that DMRC promised free Wifi service for all passengers back in 2015. It took the company more than 2 years, but they are at least keeping their promise.


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