Coolpad Cool Play 6 Camera Review

Coolpad Cool Play 6 Camera Review
Coolpad Cool Play 6 Camera Review


Coolpad Cool Play is the dual camera phone in the mid-range segment. As the phone claims good camera performance, it is necessary to talk about its camera in detail and see if it is really a good camera phone. I tested the camera of Coolpad Cool Play 6 in different light conditions and here is my detail review of Coolpad Cool Play 6 camera.

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Before I talk about camera performance, let’s have a look at the camera specs. Coolpad Cool Play 6 comes with dual camera setup with two 13 megapixels camera sensors, f/2.0 aperture and dual LED flash. From these two sensors, one is to capture colors and one is just monochrome sensor. At the front, it has 8 megapixels camera sensor with f/2.2 and 1.4 µm pixel size.

The camera app is simple with straightforward options. It has camera effects to try. There are few camera modes as well. For low-light photography, there is also a night mode to try. You also have Pro mode if you need control over photography. Beauty mode has been given in both rear and front camera. Front camera always opens in beauty mode and you can change it to normal photo mode if you do not want to try that.

The only problem I faced is while capturing photos in outdoor with bright sunlight. At this condition, you cannot see on the screen properly. So, photos are based on assumption. As It is not easy to check preview, photos could be blurry or focus is at the wrong place.

Note: Camera performance not just depends on camera but also depends on you. You need to know how to take good photos and how to adjust camera settings in different conditions. Now let’s talk about the camera performance.

Outdoor performance

In outdoor, this camera performs really well. When there is too much sun light, shots may see overexposure but most of the shots were well balanced with good color and details. See the camera samples and decide by yourself.

Indoor performance

It depends on the light around. I got few excellent shots in indoor with proper light. But few shots also missed the mark. Overall, I am satisfied with indoor performance as well. See the samples below.

SLR mode

This camera comes with ‘SLR’ mode that captures photos with bokeh effect. It creates a shallow depth of field image. You also have the option to change the aperture from f/0.95 till f/16. This mode captures good photos. See few shots below.

Low-light photography

Low-light photos are not up to the mark. If you are capturing object from a distance, don’t expect it to capture anything valuable. If the object is close, you will get satisfactory shots with the help of camera flash. But you need to keep your phone stable otherwise your shot will not be good.

Front camera

Front camera captures good photos. If the light is good around you, you will get good selfies. Even if there are not plenty of details, you will still find photos good to share on different social media websites. Skin tone and color reproduction depend on light around you. See few shots that I captured with this camera

If I talk about video recording capabilities, this camera can record up to 4K videos from the rear camera and up to 1080p videos from the front camera. You can also record Slow motion videos, mono videos from the rear camera. You can check the camera recording sample in the camera review video.

Final Words

At this price, this camera is certainly good. Low-light performance could be better but day light performance is good enough. Software processing needs improvements because it takes a long time in certain conditions. Bokeh effect is good and front camera also perform really well. Considering the price, this camera is good but not the best. Honor 6X and Moto G5 Plus beats Cool Play 6 in terms of camera performance.

I hope this review helped you. If you still have anything to ask, you can put it in the comment. I will publish the full review of this phone soon. So, do not forget to subscribe us to get notifications of upcoming articles.

Watch the attached video to see a photo and video samples.