Google Home can now play music you uploaded to Play Music

Google Home
Google Home

Until today, playing music on Google Home using Play Music was limited and you could only play music via free radio stations or through on-demand services via All-Access Library. Now, Google has announced that Google Home will be able to play your purchased or uploaded music from Google Play Music in coming days.

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So, you can enjoy all the stuff you bought from Google’s music store. Google will also give preferences to your uploaded or purchased music tracks over any random radio mix when you ask to play an artist.

Google also noted that it will remain the same if you ask it to play by genre, mood or activity. For this case, it still does not support uploaded or purchased music.

If Google Play Music is not your default player, you need to say “Ok Google, play X <on Google Play Music>”.

We still expect some improvements and hope that it will be fixed soon. The new feature is rolling out globally to all users when Google Home support is available.