Google to Stop Scanning Gmail Inbox for Targeting Ads

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Today, Google had a surprising announcement Google announced that it will stop scanning your inbox to show you personalized ads. Yes, Google is not going to see what is there in your inbox.

Google already doesn’t scan the inboxes of people who use corporate-targeted G Suite service, but it always scanned the inboxes of its free users to target ads.

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Google scans emails for information it can use to target ads. This makes ads more relevant and there are more chances of getting clicks. For example, you are getting emails about a holiday trip, it will also show you ads with better offers.

Google will not stop showing ads in your Gmail inbox. It will now show ads based on your activities on other Google sites and partner websites. So, ads will still be there. Google says, “This decision brings Gmail ads in line with how we personalize ads for other Google products.”

Google’s email scanning practice has been controversial for a long time and many people raised privacy concerns about it. Even after this controversy, Google’s growth was awesome. It has more than 1.2 billion users. Gmail successfully protected its users from spam, hacking, and phishing to gain trust.

Well, Google already knows so much about a user via different websites it owns. If Google is dropping the plan of scanning emails, it suggests that the emails in the inbox are contributing to small signal only. Dropping it will not affect much, but it will stop a log running controversy.



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