Now you can go live on Facebook from your desktop

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Facebook Live was already available on the mobile app, and now it is available for all on the desktop. Starting today, anyone can stream through Facebook’s website. You can stream via webcam, through the professional camera attached to the computer, any software and broadcast gameplay. With gameplay broadcasting option, Facebook wants to take on Twitch.

Going live from desktop has been available on Facebook pages for sometime. but not users and it only had limited game play partnership with specific game developers.

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Facebook Live Desktop

Opening up on desktop puts Facebook Live into competition with YouTube, Ustream or similar services. The desktop Live feature is also helpful for bloggers who wants to offer Q&A’s, vlogs, tutorials. Desktop will offer better experience with big display

Facebook is already working on monetization of Live videos. So, it will also encourage people to use Facebook for Live videos in place of other services. It is because Facebook can give better reach where most of the people are always active.

If we see the gameplay streaming segment, Twitch is still much ahead but Facebook still is a big competitor for Twitch. Streaming on Facebook can give them better reach than Twitch and allows users to share the stream with their friends instead of strangers.

Facebook has also posted a guide to help you in streaming your gameplay. Read it here.

What do you think about Facebook Live on the desktop? Are you going to use it? Share your views with us in comments.


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