Google Chrome now supports VR content on the web

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Google has updated Google Chrome and added the support for VR content. So, you can enjoy VR content directly from the browser.

After this update, you no longer need a dedicated VR app to browse video or other content. Just open Chrome, visit the website that supports VR content and then experience the VR directly from the browser.

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For the best experience, use Google Chrome with your Daydream-ready phone and Daydream View. If you do not have any VR headset, you can still enjoy the VR content on any phone or desktop and interact using your finger.

After this update, we expect to see more websites with VR content soon on the web. Few are already available to enjoy. Google has also listed some websites that support VR content. These including Bear 71Matterport’s libraryWithinSketchfab, and WebVR Lab,

Google says that it aims to bring VR to everyone and in coming months, it will also add support for more headsets including Google Cardboard.


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