Apple iPhone 7 exploded for no reason; Apple starts investigation

exploding iphone 7
exploding iphone 7

In a viral Twitter video, an Apple iPhone 7 was caught smoking. Yes, this time an iPhone 7 exploded.

Brianna Olivas, the owner of the phone, confirmed that the phone began smoking Wednesday morning and her boyfriend was quick to record this incident in a video as a proof.

The video has caught enough attention on social media with 1.26 million views, over 18,000 retweets and hundreds of replies.

Olivas started facing the problem the day before and also went to Apple store. The person at Apple store ran several tests and told her that the phone is fine and appeared working normally. The phone caught fire next morning when she was not even using it and the phone was not even plugged in for charging.

She has handed over the phone to Apple and the company is investigating the issue. She also confirmed that she has been using the Apple’s original charger to charge the phone since she bought the phone. So, it ruled out the possibility that a non-original product might be the reason behind this explosion.

This is not the first incident when an iPhone caught fire, but this recalls Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incident.


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