How to Play Fantasy Cricket: A Beginner’s Guide


Cricket can most certainly be called India’s favourite sport. Whether it is admiring the big-hitting batsmen in the Indian Premier League or the battle between bat and ball in Test cricket, cricket fans in India are immersed in the game like nowhere else. If you are one such fan whose love for the game goes beyond just getting occasional updates on match scores, then fantasy cricket is definitely for you. 

It is a fun way to test your cricket skills and find out exactly where you stand compared to other players from around the country. There are a number of fantasy cricket apps in the market and Howzat is one of the most trusted one among them. You can play fantasy cricket on the Howzat app for free and add to the excitement of the matches.

Here is a detailed guide on how to play fantasy cricket. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to create your very first fantasy cricket team to play fantasy cricket on apps.

Introduction to Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is a fun, exciting way to engage in a cricket match. It involves creating a team by picking your favourite players from two real teams going to play a real-world and then getting points based on your players’ performance. Your team competes with other participants’ teams.

If you have the right fantasy cricket app like Howzat, creating your team is simple and easy. The first step is to select the match you want to create your team for. Depending on the cricket calendar, there can be multiple matches being played on a certain day. Pick the one you feel most confident about, or just create fantasy teams for multiple matches. There’s no restriction on the number of matches you can create teams for, so it all depends on you.

The next step is to pick players who you think will get you the most points. Many things need to be considered for this, like the kind of pitch the match is going to be played on, the weather conditions, previous records on the ground, and the results of head-to-head player battles. You can also select some players based on your instincts. Sometimes your gut might be a better guide than research.

A game of balance

In fantasy cricket, you have to create a balanced team with bowlers, batsmen, all-rounders and at least one wicketkeeper. So fantasy cricket is similar picking an actual playing eleven. You cannot pick more players from a certain category than the fantasy cricket app allows, so you will have to calculate meticulously. You may also have to let go some players from the ones you had in mind to pick those who give your team a better balance.

You cannot pick all the big names either, since the selection has to be within the provided credits and big names are worth high credit points. This is where your cricket fan experience will come in handy. You must determine which players you think will do the best on the day of the match. Remember, you are competing with cricket fans from around the country. The better your players perform, the higher are your chances of winning. You can also pick some dark horses who might just change the fantasy cricket game in your favour. Always going by player stature is not a good idea. Instead see which players have been doing well in the recent past.

The C-factor

Once you have your team selected, it is time to select your captain and vice captain. These players’ performance has a higher value for your team, so pick them wisely. They can be from any category. Often when your team and another player’s team are neck-and-neck, your choice of the captain and vice captain is the difference between winning and losing.

The final step is to submit your team and then sit back and enjoy the game. Fantasy cricket apps have a unique scoring system where every run, wicket, catch, etc. by a player determines their final points. This ensures that the overall statistical performance of each player in the match is taken into consideration, and not just their runs or wickets.

Facts in fantasy

Features like the above make fantasy cricket exciting. The more you play fantasy cricket, the better your understanding of the platform will be. Eventually you will take more and more informed decisions in your team selection, which will maximize your chances of winning.

But fantasy cricket is not just about winning and losing. The exhilaration of watching your captain outperform the rest, sitting on the edge of the seat when your team’s strike bowler is bowling in the death overs and having bragging rights when you pick a dark horse who wins the game for your team are some experiences that cannot be duplicated. 

When you play fantasy cricket, you are much closer to the action and you have a lot more at stake in every match. You can even create or join a community of fellow fantasy players and play with them. Not only will it improve your understanding of the game, but it will also give you a sense of pride when you outperform them.

Whether it is for leisure, proving a point to your friends, or to test your knowledge of cricket and playing conditions in a competitive environment, your reasons for playing fantasy cricket may vary. But fantasy cricket has something for everyone. It can prove to be the best form of entertainment that also helps you connect with like-minded people. Trusted fantasy cricket app Howzat also allows you to play real money games and win a lot of money.  You can play fantasy cricket for real cash on Howzat and win big cash prizes!

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