UC News announces UC We-Media Plans for Publishers and Bloggers

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Today, UC News launched a monetary compensation plan for its publishers under WE-Media Program. This program was started on January 5, 2016, but the official announcement was made today in a bloggers meet.

The event also featured popular author Chetan Bhagat who shared his views about UCWeb’s We-Media Program. He also recalled his days of blogging and importance of bloggers.

Up to 60% on Speakers

Up to 60% on Speakers on Year end sale

UCWeb’s We-Media Program is a platform for publishers, opinion makers, and bloggers. People can write on their platform and their article will be available for readers who use UC News to consume content. If you run a blog, you can also provide your RSS feed to auto-syndicate your feed in the platform. If you do not own a blog, you already have the option to write and publish.

The platform also allows people to follow a person or brand. It also shows the daily traffic and readership analytics.

Not just on UC News, the content will also be available on the news section of UC Browser. UC Browser has more than 100 million users. So, you have a wide readership waiting for you.

UC News is now a popular app to consume content in your mobile app. I already posted the review of UC News in past. The company also has a team of editors to pick recommended and trending stories for you. They are also trying to improve their algorithm that ranks articles.


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