Microsoft’s patent reveals a foldable phone

foldable phone
foldable phone

In the time when many smartphone companies including Samsung, Nokia are working on foldable phones, Microsoft is also a key player working silently on the same. A new patent filing discovered by MSPoweruser reveal that Microsoft is also experimenting with a concept foldable phone.

An interesting thing to note that the patent was applied back in 2014 at U.S. patent office. Now the patent has been granted and Microsoft can work on bringing concept phones.

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The patent diagrams confirm a smartphone that can be transformed into the tablet. There appear to be modes for two or three screens to extend flat our to make it a bigger device similar to Microsoft’s Courier concept phone.

It is worth to note that Microsoft patents thousands of inventions but not all become a final product. This can also be applied on this.

This is not the first time when Microsoft is working on foldable phones. The company also worked on Courier, a foldable phone/tablet concept back in 2009 but the project was later canceled.

Source: Patent filings