Pixel and Pixel XL leak in white

Google Pixel and Pixel XL
Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Now we know that Google’s Pixel phones are coming on October 4, we also got leaked pics of Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones. Although the logo and barcodes were blurred out, we still got the idea of design.

See these two phones of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones side by side.

The Larger phone is Pixel XL and smaller one is Pixel. Both phones have fingerprint sensors at the back panel. the body is metallic and looks similar to HTC-made iPhone’s look alike HTC One A9. As per the recent reports, these phones have been manufactured by HTC.

We are also excited to see these new Pixel phones. Google has already confirmed that the phones will be competing with high-end phones. So, we are also expecting high with these phones.

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