Microsoft to Kill the Lumia brand to favor new Surface brand for smartphones

lumia 950 xl
lumia 950 xl

Google is not the only company rebranding its smartphones. Microsoft is also working to do the same thing. Microsoft is also reportedly ditching Lumia brand to adopt Surface branding for its smartphones.

According to WinBeta, Microsoft will replace Lumia phones with Surface phones in a hope to bring life into the smartphone business.

Microsoft is struggling a lot even in home markets. Now, it has also removed the link to buy from its website. Stores have also stopped selling Lumia phones and are trying to clear the existing stock on big discount. By the end of this year, Microsoft will stop shipping Lumia phones and sales will end.

Microsoft is expected to hold a press-even in October and we can expect new Surface all-in-one devices. Microsoft can also announce Surface phones, but we are not sure about it. We believe that Surface phones will come next year and we will surely start getting leaked specs and photos soon.

Microsoft is silent on these report and denied to comment.

We are not sure if Surface branding will help Microsoft, but this stop should be taken with a proper planning. What do you think about this rebranding? Share your views with us in comments.