Now you can book Uber Cab without the app

Uber Dial
Uber Dial

If you want to book an Uber Cab but do not have Uber app on your phone, you can still book Cab on Uber.  Uber has launched a mobile site that makes it easy for people to book an Uber can without having the app installed. Payment can also be done without credit card or mobile wallet.

This site is now live for users in Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati, and Jodhpur. Just visit using your mobile browser, sign up with your phone number or login in into your existing account to book the cab. You can also view pricing information, get a fare estimate, and request for your ride with a single tap.

The only issue with this process is the location tracking. So, you will receive the call from drive soon after you book the call. Tell him the pickup address and then drop address when you are on the way.

Uber is just testing this with 4 cities and if the response is positive, it can think about expanding it for users in other cities.

While using the app is the better way to enjoy the Uber service, the mobile site is useful for those who have mobile phones with less storage and do not want to install more apps. So, they now have the option to use Uber without installing its app.

We all see Ola as a copy of Uber which is surprisingly beating Uber in the Indian market. Most of the times, Ola and Uber copy each other in various things. So, it will be interesting to see when Ola brings the same kind of mobile site to allow users book cab without installing the app.

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