WhatsApp sees 100 million calls every day


WhatsApp added calling feature around a year ago. With this feature, users can make voice calls easily. Voice calls are popular on WhatsApp because it offers easy and cost effective calls around the globe.

Now, WhatsApp has confirmed that users are making around 100 million voice calls daily with over 1,100 calls perĀ second.

WhatsApp also has the advantage over Skype. It has 1 billion users while Skype has only about 300 million active users. WhatsApp also makes it easier to call as you do not need to sign in and add the person to contact list before making calls.

While Skype is popular for video calls, WhatsApp is already working on video calling option. Skype also allows users to make calls from computers while WhatsApp only allows text messaging and only if your mobile is connected to the Internet.

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