New Leak suggests dual SIM iPhone; To Keep Headphone Jack

iphone 7 dual sim leak
iphone 7 dual sim leak

For past few weeks, we have been seeing various leaks about upcoming iPhone 7. While we had rumors of Apple ditching 3.5 mm audio port in next iPhone, recent leak denied this. A new leak suggests that Apple is not ditching 3.5 mm headphone jack. Next iPhone could also get dual SIM slots for the first time.

These things were confirmed by photos posted by Rock Fix, smartphone repair shop based in Ganzhou, China. It was claimed that these photos are of genuine Apple components made for the upcoming iPhone 7 series.

In the leaked pics, one can clearly see a headphone jack along side the lightning port. It goes against the previous reports which have claimed Apple is ditching headphone jack.

Another interesting component was dual SIM card slot which suggests new Dual SIM iPhone. While it may not be a big requirement in the US, countries like India and China see the huge demand for dual SIM phones. Many iPhone users in these countries are forced to carry two phones just to keep multiple numbers active. We can expect Dual SIM model launch only in selected countries.

Other confirmed things were SanDisk memory chips of up to a whopping 256GB, Dual-lens camera for larger model and changes in antenna design.

It is hard to tell if these pics are genuine. So, we have to wait for more leaks and finally the official launch to see if we are getting a dual SIM iPhone.

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