Microsoft makes entry in the cannabis business


For quite some time now states after states have been legalizing marijuana in one for or the other. However, big names of the corporate industry in the US have steered away from this product for long. After all, it is still illegal according to the federal government.

But, now the taboo has been broken by Microsoft with its latest partnership to offer a software that can track is able to track marijuana plants from “seed to sale”. This software is a part of the cloud services that are offered by the company and is meant to help the government in keeping tabs on the Marijuana being used for medical and recreational purposes in the states that have legalized it.

Until now, this aspect was completely overlooked, however, the wave of the legalization of pot is not coming to a stop. This fall, more than five states including California are going to conduct voting on whether legalization is needed or not.

The entry of the company into a government compliance side of affairs does make it look like the company is looking to be a part of the legitimate side of corporate affairs as well. This is a big step for an industry that has been growing fast and has been gaining a lot of attention both in the negative and the positive aspects. “We do think there will be significant growth,” said Kimberly Nelson, the executive director of state and local government solutions at Microsoft. “As the industry is regulated, there will be more transactions, and we believe there will be more sophisticated requirements and tools down the road.”

Matthew A Karnes, the founder of Green Wave Advisors, which is the company that provides the information pertaining to the analysis of the pot business said, “It’s very telling that a company of this caliber is taking the risk of coming out and engaging with a company that is focused on the cannabis business.”