LeEco Le Max 2 Pro Rumored to Come With 8 GB RAM, 25 MP camera; Need or Show Off?

Lemax 2 Pro
Lemax 2 Pro


Now, most of the upper mid-range and high-end devices come with 4GB of RAM. But, specs war forced companies to think bigger and we saw few phones with 6GB RAM in recent months. OnePlus 3 and Le Max 2 are two phones with 6GB RAM in India. Zenfone 3 Delux and Vivo Xplay5 Elite are few other phones with 6GB RAM. While we have yet to see the 6GB RAM trend in the smartphone market, LeEco has already planned to shock the market with its new phone LeEco Le Max 2 Pro. If we believe on rumors, LeEco Le Max 2 Pro will come with 8 GB RAM.

Not just RAM, LeEco Le Max 2 Pro will come with jaw dropping specifications. As the leaked information available, LeMax 2 will come with the similar design as in Le Max 2. But it will come with Snapdragon 821 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz along with Adreno 530 GPU. The camera will also get the upgrade and Le Max 2 pro will feature a 25-megapixels rear camera.

While other upgrades were expected but 8 GB RAM seems to be too large for the current scenario. We have yet to see more brands coming with 6GB RAM. But, LeEco wants to give a true upgrade to Le Max 2. So, RAM could also see the upgrade.

Do we really need phones with 8GB RAM?

After reading out this leak, I was surprised and started thinking about the future of phones. Do we really need this kind of high-end specifications? RAM or Random Access Memory is an important part of computing as it holds the data currently in processing. So, larger RAM means better multitasking and smooth performance. In smartphones, it also makes switching apps easier and playing high-end games smoother. But, RAM is not the only thing we need for better performance. Software and apps should also be coded in a way to consume less RAM and battery.

Phones with large RAM helps in better gaming when you want to play multiple games and switching between game easier. 4K recording and 4K video playback also consume lots of battery. Companies are also trying to make augmented and virtual reality more common things for users. Large RAM will also make this experience smoother.

While large RAM is the need for future technologies, companies should also focus on optimizing software to make the experience even better. LeEco smartphones run on EUI which offers the good experience. But device manufacturers know that app stores are full of badly coded apps which consume battery and apps for no reason. So, putting a large RAM in the phone can help in avoiding most of the issues caused by that kind of apps.

There is another reason why companies are racing for specs. People not just want a good phone but they also want to have everything latest and most popular to show off. While they can easily do most of the tasks on 4GB or 6GB RAM phones, 8 GB RAM phone will give them something they can be proud of. And the company will have something different to say about its product.

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