Google’s AI machine just composed its first song and it is awesome

Google’s AI machine just composed its first song and it is awesome

Google is working on projects related to Artificial Intelligence for past few years. These attempts have been made to make robots and machines more creative and intelligent. Google has numbers of projects in different fields related to Artificial Intelligence. It has art-focused machine learning project called ‘ Magenta’ which has just announced a major breakthrough. Its computer has released its first-ever music composed with its AI ability.

Although the song is not a complex composition, it is still awesome. It is a basic piano tune of 90 seconds. This music was generated by a trained neural network. It is worth to note that drums and various other add-ons were added afterwards.

You can listen to music here.

It is a big success as it is very difficult to train a machine to compose something as variable as music. Google also wants these machines to tell stories from their intelligence.

Magenta is built on the top of Google’s TensorFlow system which is an open-source project. Magenta will also come as an open source on GitHub with full source code. It will help other developers to use this and build better and more advanced projects based on Magenta’s AI. You can read more about Magenta on its official page.

What do you think about future if music industry with these kinds of robots? Share your views with us in comments.

Source: The Verge

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