Android One is not dead; New devices are coming soon

Android One
Android One

Google launched Android One initiative to bring smartphone OEMs in a single platform and control quality of budget Android phones. It also launched few devices guaranteed update to latest Android OS. But there has been no Android device for past few months. Few reports also expected the possible death of Android One program.

But the truth is not the same, Android One program is not dead and few new devices are coming very soon. Google’s head of business development for Chrome and Android partnerships Mike Hayes confirmed this in an interview with The Economics Times. He explained that Google’s Android One devices are now a part of Google’s broader hardware strategy.

He also said, “We still continue to support a number of OEMs (original equipment makers) that partnered with us on the programme. However, speeds at which the devices are coming to the market are completely dependent upon the OEMs.”

So, this is a good news for Android One device owners. Google is still supporting them and they will receive all possible updates from Google.

Google has also relaxed the guidelines it put on manufacturers for getting ‘Android One’ certification for their devices. I think this could be the possible reason for the long silence. Due to strict guidelines, manufacturers didn’t take the interest in going through this way while they can launch the same device easily without asking for Google’s permission. But Google claims that many manufacturers still have the interest in its Android One program and they do regular meetings to decide future plans.

Google has not confirmed the number devices or any time frame for the next Android One device launch. But, we know that Google is still working on possible partnerships to bring more devices under this umbrella.


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