Android N will support pressure-sensitive screen and expanded support for virtual reality

android N
android N

The Developer preview of Android N is already available and Google is providing updates with additional features. Android N will make it easier for device makers to create their own version of 3D touch. Developers will also be able to utilize its virtual reality capabilities in next update.

Android’s 3D Touch is on the way but we cannot confirm what will the name of this feature. 3D Touch is the Apple’s branding and Google should also give it a short name. Writing “support for pressure-sensitive screens” each time we want to mention this feature is tough.

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Android N will also allow developers to use this feature to perform different actions on the app quickly. We have seen few Android devices like Huawei Mate S coming with the pressure-sensitive display. These devices are handling press sensitive touch on the device level. But Google wants to give device manufacturers an easy way. So, device manufacturers will not have to reinvent the pressure sensitive touch.

The second preview of Android N also contains the references to “VR Listener” and “VR Helper” apps. Permissions warning of that app says “will be able to run when you are using applications in virtual reality mode.” You can find this option in settings. Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> Configure apps (the gear button in the top right) -> Special Access -> VR helper services.

We only have this information. To get more information, we will have to wait until Google’s annual I/O conference scheduled for next month. Google will reveal various important things about Android and few other products. 

Source: ArsTechnica | TheVerge