6 Ways Cloud Computing is Fostering Startups’ Capabilities

Cloud Computing is Fostering Startups’ Capabilities


Emergence of various computing paradigms derived as a result of improvements in virtualization techniques has brought significant shift in the functioning of industries ranging from large-scale industries to small businesses. Out of the several computing paradigms, cloud computing has been looming up as the major driving force for developments and improvements in business functioning.

Thanks to cloud computing! Multi-billion dollar corporations to SMBs to Startups now, have a sustainable option to grow at a torrid pace with cloud technologies and solutions coming up in several forms such as platform-as-a-service, storage on demand, software-as-a-service, external and internal clouds. One of potential benefit of cloud technology such as real-time delivery of solutions and services over the internet makes cloud adoption a necessity for smooth functioning of its various business processes. Here’s something on ways cloud adoption can help to build better business architecture:

Steady Performance of Business Applications

Migrating entire data to the cloud and business critical application deployment, development and testing on the IaaS cloud platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon offer unmatched reliability, flexibility and cost-effective solutions to business owners. Each platform has its own distinct capabilities and ensures robust performance of each application.

Startups owner and entrepreneurs no longer need to worry about maintenance, up gradation and smooth operation of critical applications. Various cloud players such as Amazon web services, Microsoft Biz spark and IBM’s Cloud IaaS, SoftLayer offer easily scalable and affordable solution to various types of businesses. Launch any product easily, get access to enterprise-grade tools and technologies and explore big data capabilities of Google Cloud Platform. With these major cloud players businesses no longer have to worry about security and data back-up.  

Driving More out of Business Calls

Communication channels forms a critical part of any business. And unlike email and other communication modes, voice communication can make or break a deal. Feature-rich cloud space offers entrepreneurs great solutions to support communication channels on a shoe-string budget. Cloud telephony eradicates the need for trained IT personnel, setting up redundant phone links and other maintenance costs of the infrastructure.

From managing call flow to supporting features such as SMS integration and call-back, cloud telephony renders the power to manage all types of communications. Recent emergence of software-as-a-service model makes it possible for cloud vendors to fit the resources as per business requirement. Businesses of all sizes can be easily adjusted without worrying about the cost factor.

Resolution to Data Breaches and Privacy Concern

Data security and its privacy are some of the critical concerns growing in today’s world. Security concerns vary with different companies. Vulnerability to data breach is increasing as huge amount of data comprising companies and customer’s personal data is stored on the internet. But, with cloud set-up such worries extinguishes as the cloud providers enable real-time monitoring of data.

With technologies such as data masking, traceability and secure logic migration and execution used in the cloud environment ensure the security of confidential information. Companies are provided detailed evidence of encryption schemes by experienced specialists that ensure the entire data is transmitted over a secured network. Instead of working just at the perimeter level, cloud providers ensure security at the application level. Additionally, the need to buy third party software gets eliminated and can be used on pay-per-use basis.

Simplifying accounting operations

Working over a startup idea is like handling the driver’s seat. SMB owners and entrepreneurs are usually loaded with immense responsibilities. And handling finances can be really tough. Cloud financial applications simplify the complexities arising out of the finance department. Anywhere access, union with popular third party banking software and cloud application, instant access to upgrades and bug fixes makes cloud accounting a comprehensive solution for businesses.

Cloud accounting applications such as Xero, Kashoo, Zoho Books, Wave, Freshbooks and QuickBooks gives business owners enormous capabilities and efficiencies. Stay connected to accounting data anywhere and get over the need to maintain hard drive as the central hub. With accounting in the cloud entrepreneurs get cost-effective means and endless possibilities to access data anytime.

Streamlined Resource Management

With off-site server management, focusing on core business tasks becomes so simple. As, resources can be accessed instantly on need basis so, it helps to deliver enhanced user satisfaction. Cloud computing eliminates the need for capital expenditures and gives opportunity to expand business resources as per business demands.

Moving critical applications to the cloud leads to propel impeccable computing performance. Hardware failure, software crashes, lost network connectivity, data center failure nothing will hamper the business performance. Redundancy possible with cloud solutions allow businesses to respond in a timely manner.

Eco-Friendly Solutions

Energy-efficient solutions make cloud computing eco-friendly platform to drive better performance without creating a negative impact on the environment. Cloud technology lowers down the utilization rates to 60-70 percent besides sheltering “always on the go” networks and connectivity, and providing enlarged and real-time access to data.

Cloud solutions prove to be immensely cost-beneficial solution for SMBs. It allows sharing of the server capacity that enables complete utilization of the server capacity and drive vast energy savings. This results in less hardware consumption which dramatically reduces the electricity bills and lessens the fuel emissions.

Gist of All

As mentioned above, working over a startup idea is like handling the driver’s seat and the ensuring that team sitting behind is able to execute your plans effectively to yield the desired results. Cloud solutions make it possible to streamline some of the toughest operations in any startup world efficiently. Cloud platform capable of supporting emerging next generation IT applications helps to drive growth at a rapid pace and achieve desired results smoothly. It’s high time for startups to realize that all potential obstacles and problems can be settled down in the cloud space.

Author Bio:

Shraddha Tewari, skilled and accomplished ‘Editor’ is formally associated with TheRealPBX that offers services related to Toll-free numbers.  In a nutshell, she can be best described as an elusive reader and technology evangelist. Her strong interest in cloud technology and software developments enables her associations to streamline business processes.

She can be followed @tewarishraddha1.

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