Twitter To Introduce Algorithmic Timeline


Twitter is all set to introduce big change to its Twitter feed. It will introduce new algorithmic timeline very similar to Facebook. This new change can be roll out as soon as next week.

As of now, Twitter timelines show all latest tweets first and sort tweets by publish time. This is there from the day Twitter was born. But it is going to be change in coming days with new algorithmic timeline. New algorithmic timeline will order tweets based on what Twitter’s algorithm thinks people most want to see. It may sound good but it will destroy the original and unique thing we like about Twitter.

It is unclear if the users will have option to choose between the algorithm and the traditional Twitter timeline.

Is it really a good idea? Twitter is the source of breaking news because of recent tweet first concept. I am not sure algorithmic timeline will give us all the breaking news very similar to what we used to get.

Twitter has already begun testing with small group of users. It seems test went fine and hence Twitter is ready for wider roll out.

What do you think about this new change in Twitter? Do you think that the new change will be fine? Share your opinions with us via comments.


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