5 Reasons why you should wait and not book Freedom 251 smartphone now

Freedom 251
Freedom 251

Yesterday, a company Ringing Bells created a buzz with its new smartphone Freedom 251. Newspaper across the country carried a full page advertisement of Freedom 251 smartphone for just Rs. 251. In this price, company claims to offer good hardware specifications including the quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 3.2-megapixel camera and more.

Being true, we don’t even get good screen guards for the smartphone in this price and they are offering a smartphone. So, one should not complain about the low-performance of the phone. This is the reason the whole country woke up early morning to book this phone. Booking for the phone started today at 6 AM. 

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Most of the people tried hard but couldn’t order the phone. At Rs. 251, this offering looks exciting but I still see this phone’s future in trouble. Don’t get me wrong. It is not about seeing negative side. One can play a chance with Rs. 251 but I want to figure out 4 reasons why one should not book this phone.

1. Pay Now and delivery will be in June. But wait, payment is next to impossible for many. Buggy website.

Starting today, they have started booking phones but the delivery of the phone will be done in June. Yes, you will pay in February and you get it delivered in June. Most of the people will forget about their order.

But wait, ordering this phone is also not possible for many. The website is not functioning well. Many people reported that order button is not working properly and redirecting to the same page again and again.

The website is also using HTTP for order and then processing to the payment page. It is harmful to customers and their information is at risk. Pages are also buggy and accepting any random information for credit cards. The site is poorly coded with various security risks. Any newbie with little knowledge of website hacking can get your sensitive information.

2. Phone violates Apple’s copyright. So, delivery may be delayed if Apple takes action against them

This phone is using Apple’s icons in UI. Even if the company claims that they are using just because Apple does not have copyright for these icons, we all know that Apple always files the copyright for everything they own. Not just icons, the design also looks similar to iPhone 4S with single touch id button. If this is the case, Apple can drag them in court to ban the launch of the phone. The company can fix the UI issue with removing the customized skin over Android. But design copyright infringement can ban the launch of the phone.

3. Company Is less than a year old and customers had bad experience

Ringing Bells is a new company founded in 2015. The company is less than a year old and already launched few smartphones and featured phones in the market. You are hearing the name first time, it means the company didn’t get good attention for its previous products. A new company can also launch good products if they are committed to delivering. OnePlus is the perfect example. But Ringing Bells is surely not one of those.

Ringing Bells had hundreds of disappointed buyers and I don’t think think satisfied buyers are more than unsatisfied buyers. People had issues with payments and deliveries. The company never delivered products even after taking payments. Many people paid but never received the payment receipt. The company didn’t confirm order after payment for many people.

Search for “Ringing bells fraud” and you will see many consumers complaint websites with hundreds of similar complaints.

4. Company is still not sure about the phone

This phone is reportedly an imported Adcom’s phone with rebranding. Many units provided to media got Adcom branding. Whitener was applied to hide the Adcom logo on the device. Although this is not something serious because most of the companies just offer rebranded smartphones. But the issue was the unavailability of information and uncertainty. Ringing Bell’s spokespeople have no clue on this issue.

Freedom 251 Adcom

Adcom is clueless about this device and the use of company’s branding on Freedom 251.

5. This phone has nothing to do with Make in India or other government initiatives.

While company claims that they are inspired from Modi Government’s initiatives: Make in India, Skill India and others, this phone has nothing to do with any. Yes, they claim to manufacture this phone in India in coming months. But the phone they showcased was not manufactured in India. As per their claims, they will assemble the phone for few months before putting a manufacturing unit in India.

Wrap Up

You may call me a biased for not appreciating their offering for just low cost. But this is not the case. I totally appreciate them for thinking about such a low-cost phone. But I am worried about their business model this leads me to think about a possible marketing stunt or scam. This phone has nothing to do with Make in India. This phone is not subsidized by the government. So, they will be facing the loss of around Rs. 2500 in every unit they sell. They have already spent a lot on marketing. In the end, this phone created buzz and now nation know their name.

They also talk about poor people, farmers, and fisherman as their target buyers. I am not sure they can wake up and order this phone in this way.

There is also a possibility that they could end this phone after the first lot of delivery. We have already seen Tana Nano for 1 Lakh. It was for this price only for few. Now this car is being sold for around 2.4 lakh.

All these are possibilities and this is the reason I suggest you not to book it now and see if this phone will be continued and not just a marketing stunt.