MIT and Mint brings 2 days conference ‘Emtech India’ for entrepreneurs

Emtech India
Emtech India

Mint and MIT Technology Review (MIT) have collaborated to bring a 2 days technology conference ‘Emtech India’. This conference aims to bring business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and investors together at the same platform to discuss innovative ideas and solutions to turn those ideas into real products. The event will be held on March 18 and 19, 2016 in New Delhi.

This platform will also showcase emerging technologies which have potential to change our lives. This event will be the best place to have a glimpse of future technologies. World’s most influential leaders and innovators will be there. If you are working on related technologies, it will be a best place for you to meet those innovators to get more inspiration and meet brilliant minds.

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Best thing about this conference is its ‘Innovator under 35’ concept. In this, they will select top 10 young innovators from India under the age or 35. These innovators will be selected based on their innovative products or research. If their research has the ability to lead the future of technology and could benefit the society, they will surely be the part of the list. If you know any such person who have ability to be selected in top 10 young innovators, you can nominate him/her with the details of innovation he made. Nominations are now open and it will be taken on or before 31 December.

In the month of January, they will be judged and then top 10 will be selected. Announcement of top 10 young innovators will be done on January 30. Final 10 winners will present their innovative idea at EmTech India conference in front of world’s most influential business leaders, entrepreneurs and other innovators. These 10 will be those who will most likely lead the India’s next digital era of innovations.

Key themes of the event have already confirmed. These are digital life, robotics, drones or 3D printing, smart cities, health related technology and artificial intelligence. So, I guess innovator will also be selected who have something exciting to showcase in these areas.

Emtech has been organizing by MIT Technology Review since 1999 and this time it will be held in India. It is worth to mention that this conference has honored some of the world’s most brilliant minds such as Mark Zuckerberg, JB Straubel, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I do not think there is anything more to explain why you should be excited about this technology conference.

India has talented people and this platform will help them to showcase their research and innovation to world. Visit Emtech India website to know more about it.