Nokia C1 Leak Confirms Android and Windows 10 Mobile Variants

Nokia C1 Leak
Nokia C1 Leak

We already know that Nokia branded phones will come in 2016 and name will be Nokia C1. Now, new leaked images of Nokia C1 confirms that the phone will come in both Android and Windows 10 variants.

Not just OS, new leaked image also confirmed that the phone will be available in White, Gold, Pink, and Grey colours. Android variant of the phone will come with Nokia’s Z launcher and other variant will come with Windows 10 mobile OS.

If we compare it with the leaked images of past, there are few differences in design. Now, rear camera it at the top left corner of the back side. Previously it was at the center back with flash below the rear camera. We cannot confirm if the new leaked images are right one. Most of the times, people use mockup images just to gain media publicity. In past, we have seen false leak claims. So, we will have to wail until we get correct information.

This time, person who leaked the images is claiming that the phone will run on both Windows and Android. No Nokia official confirmed to about a Windows 10 device. We knew about Android variant but this kind of news is new. Nokia had already suffered a lot with Windows devices and Microsoft is still struggling with its devices.

Do you think that Nokia will also launch a phone with Windows 10 OS? If yes, is it worth? Share your views with us via comments.


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