AdBlock For Chrome Sold To Unknown Buyer, Announces Acceptable Ads program


Popular Adblocking Google Chrome Extension Adblock was quietly sold. Company didn’t disclose the name of buyer and the amount of deal.

This is not the only news. Adblock has also started accepting ads program which will be whitelisted by default in this extension. On October 1, Adblock for Chrome also displayed a pop-up to notify users about acceptable ads. Company claimed that this program is very strict and will only allow non-annoying ads.

Adblocker new policy

You can clearly read the message which confirms that Adblock now has new owner.

This program can disappoint users but most of bloggers and web publishers will be happy with this decision. Many websites display ads to monetize their content. These websites also try to keep ads non-annoying, but adblockers are not letting them make money and keep running. So, this program will surely bring smile.

If you have a website and wants Adblock to whitelist your website, you only need to fill this form. Someone from company will contact you to determine exact ads and then your website will be reviewed. Once company is satisfied with your ads, you will have to sign the agreement. If at any point company found your ads to be annoying, it will delist your website from default whitelist.

Source: Adblock Blog



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