Uber! Is raising a question to support team called suspicious activity?



Uber LogoUber, a popular cab service in India, is offering good service in many cities across country. But, I just tried it for two ride and then it banned for asking a question to their support team. Yes, this is true and now I cannot take ride on Uber.

After asking the reason, they said that I used multiple account on my device which is wrong. I am not sure what is the reason but let me first make the show story clear from the start.

I live in Delhi NCR and I am very happy with the metro service. As a blogger, I generally go to attend conferences and product launch. I installed Uber in my phone long ago but never used that for a single time until I got a promo code from XOLO for attending the launch of their phone Xolo Black. So, I though to give Uber a try because I was getting free rides. I booked the cab to attend the event and to return from the event. I found that invoice for first ride was of Rs. 0. It means promo code was working. After returning from the event, I checked that invoice costed me around Rs. 380 but I thought Uber will clear it because of the coupon code I applied. After all I had free rides for this journey.

Today, I wanted to book a cab again and found that there was an unpaid balance. For booking the cab, It is necessary to first clear the existing pending invoices. I was surprised why promo code was not applied. So, I raised the issue from their support. And then my account was BLOCKED.

Yes, I got the reply but it was not for the question I asked. They replied that due to suspicious activity, they are banning my account. I am not sure what kind of suspicious activity they are talking. Is raising a question to support team called suspicious activity? On further conversation, support person said that I used many UBER accounts to get discounts on my phone. This is again a false blame.

“Hi Deepanker,

Thanks for reaching out! Let me explain what happened here.

I have checked your profile and found that your account was flagged by our system for security reasons with multiple accounts on same device. Uber works best when an individual has a single account with unique payment profile and mobile device. Creating multiple accounts, or if others create multiple accounts with your promo code, will jeopardize your ability to redeem credits.”

Yes, I have two phones and I use same Uber account in both phones. But, I do not think that using same account on multiple devices should be wrong. I cannot create multiple accounts on all phones. I couldn’t find a single reason which applied to me.

Company said that it was a automated system to flag the accounts. So, this automated system flagged me after asking the question to support. And that ride was taked more than a month ago. I am still not able to figure about the issue. I asked support person to come up with possible solution. But I got the answer that nothing can be done.

Being true, I do not have much interest in traveling via Uber’s cab services. I only used once more than a month ago and then today thought to give it a try.

I am not sure how accurate their flagging system is. But In my case, I am confident that I have no interest in getting Uber free rides just by cheating. I was just trying to ask why my coupon didn’t work. And there is nothing which can bring my account back. So it means, I cannot use Uber any more just for asking why my coupon was not applied.

Thanks Uber.