Google Unveils Material Design Lite to Help Developers in Building Website With Material Design

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Material Design LiteGoogle has launched a new tool Material Design Lite to help developers in developing a website with material design look and feel. It brings HTML, CSS and JavaScript guidelines to build a website with Material Design. This library comes with all sorts of page elements which you use in web pages.

MDL is lightweight and easy to use. It uses paper elements which lets developers use only a part of the framework if they do not wish to change entire code. For example if you want to add just MDL graph, you can use without using other material design components in your website.

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To get started, Google is also offering few templates. You can use these templates to see how to use this framework.

Material design

If you are into web design field, it is recommend to check this new material design library and try it. Use of Material design will increase over the time and it could become next big framework for web designers.

Source: Introducing Material Design Lite [Google]


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